The Total Care You Need For a Safe & Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, every woman searches the whole internet for various ways to make their pregnancy a safe and healthy experience, which can be exhausting as different sites share different opinions on “how to make your pregnancy safe and healthy,” but we at Pahlajani’s’ have heard the voices of many soon-to-be moms, and our expert doctors have curated a care guide for all those moms to make their pregnancy safe and healthy.

The mother’s physical and mental health are both critical for the health of her baby in womb. Here are some tips for having a healthy pregnancy.

(1) Early prenatal care means an easy pregnancy:

Early prenatal care should start the moment you know that you’re pregnant, which includes contacting an expert doctor for an appointment regarding a prenatal visit.

(2) A healthy diet adds good health to your life:

You’re the source of nutrition for your baby’s health, and what makes your healthy diet essential is that your baby absorbs most of the nutrition from what you eat.

That’s why you should eat healthy food during pregnancy not just for yourself but also for the growth and development of your baby.

Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated during pregnancy.

(3) Stress is the villain for you:

Stress during pregnancy is common. The worry of carrying a life inside of you can give you the chills; it can feel nerve-wracking, and it’s okay to feel stressed, but it’s important to manage that stress for a healthy pregnancy.

There are many ways to manage stress during pregnancy, such as practising yoga, doing some fun activities, etc., which you should discuss with your doctor.

(4) Get moving for your health:

An active lifestyle during pregnancy not only benefits your health and improves blood circulation and body function, but it also boosts your energy and reduces the stress levels that come with pregnancy.

(5) Proper rest is best for you:

During pregnancy, your body goes through quite an amount of exhaustion, which is why a relaxation sleep schedule is necessary for you. The discomfort can disturb your sleep, but managing stress through yoga and exercise and eating a healthy diet can help you get healthy sleep. The more you rest, the better it will be for you.

(6) Stay away from toxic habits:

Your lifestyle choices directly affect the health of your unborn child and your health as well during pregnancy and so on. It’s good if you don’t have toxic habits, such as smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, or taking illegal drugs. These all result in poor development of the baby or premature birth. Consult your doctor if you find it difficult to give up these habits.

(7) Learn about preterm labor and get ready for it:

Knowing about preterm labor, including its signs and symptoms, is very important for all pregnant women. Get your things packed and placed in a bag so that you can use that as a “good-to-go bag” in case of preterm labor. To learn more about preterm labour, consult the expert doctors at Pahlajanis’ Women’s Hospital & IVF Center.

To know about how to prepare your bag for pregnancy

Watch this video by our Expert Gynecologist & infertility Expert Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani.

(8) Enjoy this special phase of your life:

Pregnancy is a very special phase that comes with an unimaginable amount of joy and creates wholesome memories that you will cherish forever. Enjoy this moment because this special phase is not coming back, so keep up with regular visits with your doctor and experience the cute pregnancy phase with all your heart.

Consult the best gynecologists’ in Central India at Pahlajani’s’ Women’s Hospital and IVF Center for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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