PAHLAJANIS IVF center offers training in all aspects of Infertility, Embryology, Andrology lab techniques, laparoscopy. FOGSI certified courses for training in IVF is also available.

It's a kind of training programme in Reproductive Medicine and Andrology with hands-on training given by the team of experts, which is sufficient enough to enable the candidate to handle the reproductive medicine independently, after sincerely completing the programme.


The duration for the Fellowship Programme is 6 months and the fee for this programme is INR 1.75 Lacs.

The eligibility criteria and syllabus for this programme is appended for your references.


After the completion of Medical Post Graduate Clinical Courses recognized by the Medical Council of India which includes MD (OG), MS (OG), DNB (OG) and DGO.

Gender - Female


  1. Endocrinology of the reproductive system.
  2. Ultra-Sonography in reproductive medicine.
  3. Laparoscopy Surgery - Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy.
  4. Diagnosis of male and female infertility.
  5. Ovulation Induction.
  6. Monitoring of Ovulation.
  7. Intrauterine insemination.
  8. Controlled Ovarian Stimulation.
  9. Ovum pick up and Embryo transfer.
  10. Safety issue in ART including OHSS and multiple pregnancies.
  11. Basic Embryology.
  12. Exposure to Laboratory techniques in ART.
  13. Storage and Use of gametes.