Infertility was always a taboo in society, infertile couples were never accepted as normal couples & to solve this small issue pahlajanis' came into existence.

Pahlajanis’ Women’s Hospital earlier known as Mata Laxmi Nursing Home, started in the early 90s as a dream by our founders Shri Krishna J Pahlajani & Dr.Sheela Pahlajani to provide the best Obstetrics & Gynaecology services in Raipur.

With the effectiveness of treatment & personal care our founder, Dr.Sheela Pahlajani became the most respected and a widespread name in the field of infertility & Gynaecology.

She also served as reader at Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital, Raipur & professor and HOD of obstetrics and gynaecology at GMC, Bhopal.

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Driven by such a great passion & with a mission to provide the most effective treatment and quality care, today Pahlajanis’ is present in Raipur, Bhilai, Ranchi & Patna with its women’s hospital & Super Speciality fertility clinics.

Taking the legacy forward our Directors Dr Sameer Pahlajani & Dr Neeraj Pahlajani believe in making the society aware of infertility & women’s health, today we touch 1 million individuals every month through our educational content on social media platforms

We at Pahlajanis’ stand for trust, ethics & transparency, Pahlajanis' helps couples to achieve their dream of having a healthy baby.

We have made the entire process simple and easy to make couplesfear & anxiety free before going through this treatment.

We strongly believe that all couples are not IVF candidates, some are for simple counselling, some are for timed intercourse/ III and a few for advanced treatment and at Pahlajanis' we help and guide them to parenthood with authentic steps.

Pahlajanis' Promises

Functional Promise :

  • Client First approach
  • Prefer Natural ways over artificial ways
  • Prescribe Medical techniques only when must

Emotional Promise :

  • We pledge to be genuine and trustworthy
  • Women will be treated as family and with empathy
  • We’ll stand by you no matter what
  • We’ll ensure a seamless transitioning through motherhood

Pillars of Support


Preference of natural ways of conceiving, delivery and so on ver artificial ways


Customer’s preferences and their service is given utmost priority.

The intimacy with them is always chosen first.


Legacy of over 40 years in this industry.


Higher success rates and achieving best operational excellence through latest

How we are different from others!

Pahlajanis exist to deliver happiness in the lives of families wishing to have child. We are there to help those who are struggling to have pregnancy at the same time who are pregnant in a way that there entire journey is stress-free,trustworthy and cherishable. 

Infertility and pregnancy are not individual infact societal issues where everyone directly or indirectly involved in the entire journey however onus is primarily on women. At Pahlajanis we create an environment that the burden is equally shared by the husband and the family in a way that women need not to compromise there personal and professional life to get pregnant. 

We try to get this beautiful gift of nature with minimal artificial assistance, close watch, candid, empathetic yet technically updated way. Pregnancy is not a disease its a celebration so it should come like a festivity to all those who believes in Pahlajanis.

Having child is so far a desire not necessity so we help couple in making decisions that make there relationships and life more comfortable considering there personal, familial, social and financial preferences. 

We try to give logical, empathetic and rational answers to all the queries in a way that they can understand ,believe and thus make there choices. We treat every couple as family so we take care, pamper, guide, if needed raise our voices as well to help them making right choices as far as possible..

We are logically commercial and fair in our dealings. We share and discuss all the information, processes, outcome, and documents with the couple to help making decisions, ease out there journey in a way which is legal yet very empathetic. 

Unlike other IVF centers we provide all the services right from conception(investigation both basic and advance, treatments both basic and advance) till the delivery (complete pregnancy care both normal and high risk) and newborn care. We guide and take care of there entire journey which make us more reliable .

Non-negotiable Core Values :-

Communication which is transparent, informed yet humble, smart and polite.(Sab batao but darao mat). your work whatever it is sincerely, never cheat, workplace is like temple so no nuisance, treat and guide every visitor like your own family .

Dedication and commitment. It comes only if one seems to love there work and energetic.