When couples fail to conceive naturally, ‘donor programme’ comes to the rescue.

What is it? How does it help? Come let us know from the experts at Pahlajani’s IVF.

What is Donor Programme?

As mentioned above, when couple’s own eggs, sperm, or embryo doesn’t support fertilization, couple opt for Donor Programme. In this, a third-party donor usually donates eggs, sperm, or embryo to the couple for fertilization.

Pahlajanis Donor Programme

Why and when are these donations required?

Sperm donation is required in cases where male infertility is detected. Male fertility as in, low or poor sperm count, etc. Couples also are suggested or wish to get this done when there are any chances of father passing on a genetic condition to the child.

Whereas cases when a woman is unable to conceive using her own eggs, egg donation is required.  Maternal age, low or poorly functioning ovaries, earlier cancer treatments, premature menopause, etc. are few causes which call for egg donation.

Sometimes, when couple are of same sex, and wish to have a family, sperm/egg donations are considered one of the options.

How does this programme work?

According to the medical experts at Pahlajani’s IVF, there are a few steps in this process. Below are those –

Fertility Workups – A few fertility tests are required to begin with the process. Experts need to understand where the patient is lacking, and accordingly they plan the treatment. Finest consultation is provided after analysing the results.

Donor Match – Choosing an egg/sperm donor is a vital process. Any probable matches that fit the genetics and ethnic background, are considered a good match. Once a healthy and thoroughly screened donor’s sperm/egg is found; that donor is considered to be the anonymous match.

Retrieving Donor eggs/sperm – After the couple have found the match, the process of egg/sperm retrieval for the treatment begins. Fertility experts at Pahlajani’s IVF make sure that the retrieved eggs/sperm are full of quality, which would further lead to a successful pregnancy.

Fertilization Process –Once the eggs/sperm has been retrieved and sent to the lab for further process, insemination of donor eggs/sperm is fertilized with the semen of the partner for the embryo formulation.

Embryo Transfer – After fertilization, it is then transferred into the uterus of a woman within a day. And one can take the pregnancy test at last, after at least 2 weeks have crossed.

How Pahlajani’s IVF can help?

Once you decide to go ahead with either of the donations, visit the best fertility clinic, like Pahlajani’s IVF center in Raipur. Counsellors at Pahlajani’s IVF discuss entire case with the couple in detail and assist in taking wise decisions while coming to selection of the donor.

At Pahlajani’s IVF, our experienced embryologist and other experts go through the entire case thoroughly and help you decide which donor you choose. Once the donor is chosen, the gametes are sent to the lab for further process.

Donor Programmed not only helps in completing a family, but also gives a woman to go through the wonderful journey called ‘pregnancy’ and ‘motherhood’. Along with Donor Programmed, Pahlajani’s IVF provides other fertility treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI, Cryopreservation, etc. Our infertility experts provide top-notch infertility assessments. Counsellors make sure the patient is familiar with all the steps in advance so that they go through the entire process with ease. Also, dieticians assist in providing a healthy diet that aids in good health of both, the mother and the baby.

Visit Pahlajani’s IVF, Raipur and consult the best gynecologists' today.