Laser Hatching at Pahlajani’s IVF

IVF treatment comes as a boon to couples who try to conceive naturally but fail due to some deficiencies. In some unknown and unexplained cases, if IVF treatment fails, ‘laser-assisted hatching’ comes as the good news.

What is it, and how, and why to go for this treatment? Come let us discuss all these points along with some answers to frequently asked questions from infertility experts at Pahlajani’s IVF.

What is Laser Hatching?

It is a fact that pregnancy occurs only when the embryo hatches and implants. When the embryo doesn’t hatch on its own during other treatments, laser-assisted hatching can play a key role in accomplishing this crucial step.

Laser-assisted hatching (LAH)is a scientific procedure that makes it easier for the embryo to ‘hatch’ and further increase the chance of implantation.

laser hatching

When is ‘LAH’ recommend?

Experts at Pahlajani’s IVF believe that the LAH can give positive results in certain cases. This procedure can be beneficial in the following conditions –

  • Age plays a vital role in the fertility cycle. People older than 37 years are recommended to go for LAH.
  • Women who have embryos with harder Zona Pellucida (which makes the hatching process hard).
  • Women who went through an unsuccessful IVF cycle earlier.
  • Women who produce a high amount of Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH).
  • Frozen embryos/eggs or even poor-quality embryos may cause failed fertility treatment. This is also a case where LAH is recommended.

What happens during the LAH process?

Among all techniques, LAH is considered the most effective one. Through the process of LAH, an experienced embryologist uses a laser beam to soften and open/crack the zona pellucida to help the embryo hatch.

What are the advantages of the LAH?

From the aforementioned details, you now know that it helps to hatch the embryo. This process also has few benefits over other facilities. These include-

  • This process enables implantation that increases success rates of pregnancy.
  • The procedure uses a non-contact laser beam enabling negligible handling of the embryo.
  • This is one of the fastest methods and holds exact control over cracking the shell.

How successful is LAH?

Infertility experts at Pahlajani’s IVF believe that LAH can increase pregnancy rates by ~50%. Connect with one of the best infertility experts at Pahlajani’s IVF and discuss the success rates and which treatment will suit you the best.

Why Pahlajani’s IVF?

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