For many, the term "breast lump excision" sounds complicated and unfamiliar. Many of us don’t even know what that is, including women, which is not suitable for their health because, as we know, awareness is the key to battling any disease and treating it within the safe time limit.

Pahlajanis' Women's Hospital always sheds light on these kinds of subjects to make people aware of this disease so that they can get it diagnosed and treated on time. We also provide these kinds ofbreast lump excisionsurgical services done by the best gynaecologists in India with advanced technology that gives the best and safest results for you.

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What is Breast Lump Excision?

 Breast Lump Excision, simply known as lumpectomy, also known as excisional breast biopsy, is a procedure done to remove a breast lump or tumour and abnormal tissue around it, which can be breast cancer in the future.

Why this procedure is done?

Breast Lump Excision is done to remove a lump that can be cancerous if left for quite some time and to remove abnormal tissue as well from the breast to stop it from affecting the healthy tissue, all this while maintaining the normal look of the breast.

A Lumpectomy is done to prevent a mastectomy, which is done to remove cancer from the breast, resulting in the removal of the entire breast.

Things that your doctor will consider while choosing breast lump excision

 Your doctor will consider a few things and will share them with you before opting for breast lump excision, such as:

- the size and scale of the tumour

- the location of the lump in your breast

- how many tumours are there in your breast

- how much part of your breast is affected

- your age and family history

- your general health conditions, such as whether you have reached menopause or are pregnant

How it’s done at Pahlajanis’ Women’s Hospital

At Pahlajanis’ Women’s Hospital, we provide breast lump excision (lumpectomy) and work with the best doctors across central India to treat you with this, which could be a serious problem in the future that may result in deformity of your breast or maybe even life-threatening.

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