It should come as no surprise that a nutritionist is essential and plays a pivotal role throughout pregnancy. To achieve a healthy and safe pregnancy and ensure that your baby (after delivery) remains healthy and perfectly fine throughout the golden and happy days of their childhood, "it is imperative to understand the critical necessity of a nutritionist."

Why does the nutritionist become increasingly important as the pregnancy progresses?

A nutritionist has a skill-set and a specialized understanding of women's health at all stages of life, including pregnancy, premature birth, lactation, and so on. This expertise is crucial to maintaining the good health of both the mother and the babies.

How does the nutritionist help both the mother and the baby?

A nutritionist does much more than merely attend to your nutrition requirements. There is more to it, which includes:

- They have a better understanding of your vaccination drive, when you should get it done, and which vaccinations are appropriate for you and your baby

- They decide what the mother should eat and avoid during and after pregnancy for a healthy lifestyle and what is beneficial for them

- Modifying the nutritious plan for the baby according to their health and give them the best diet plan for them

- They tell you about the baby’s care, such as when and how to feed the baby, how to burp the baby, etc

How can Pahlajanis’ IVF Centre & Women’s Hospital’s nutritional expert help you?

Maternal nutrition, in our opinion at Pahlajanis', is crucial to the health of both the mother and the unborn child. It's essential since a baby's health will depend on how well-nourished the mother is. Our nutrition specialists concentrate on the objective of encouraging excellent health in our patients and their babies via good food and nutrition.

Our nutritionist evaluates your medical and nutritional issues, pinpoints the best solutions, and, as needed, guides you in implementing dietary and lifestyle modifications with the help of doctors and medical staff who are involved in your treatment, that is why we provide you all the best nutrition support 24x7 in our center.