How Infertility Affect Your Life

Infertility is a term no one wants to see occur in their life, but due to unforeseen and unfortunate reasons, it can haunt you and snatch away your happiness and peace.

The occurrence of infertility in a couple’slife puts a heavy toll on them and creates a tense environment that can cause some serious tension between the partners, eventually ruining their happy relationship. Infertility causes serious emotional and mental strain in a person’s life, which can be quite challenging and hard to deal with.

The gravity of Infertility in your life

Infertility in males or females is when a couple is unable to conceive, eventually failing to get pregnant even after 12 months of regular, unprotected sexual practice.

Not being able to get pregnant even after a lot of trying can be exhausting and frustrating; it can drain you emotionally and mentally.


For many couples, especially women, infertility can be stressful in terms of mental health. It can lead to a significant amount of stress, which has a negative impact on their quality of life and causes them to sink into a sea of grief and anxiety.

Parenthood is a significant deal and a wonderful transition for a couple. The stress of not getting pregnant strikes, especially on women as compared to males, when the wish of not having a baby remains unfulfilled. Various emotional changes, including anger, despair, anxiety, marital problems, sexual dysfunction, a sense of loss, low self-esteem, etc., may affect the woman.


It’s very obvious that infertility causes various emotional and mental distress that puts a heavy toll on couples facing it as well as their families. The feeling of not getting pregnant and not having a child is excruciating and difficult to deal with.

That’s when Pahlajanis’ comes in; we know that it’s difficult to deal with this alone. That’s why we offer counselling to couples who are facing infertility. Our counsellors personally understand the sensitivity of what you must be feeling, and they tell you how to cope with infertility as well as guide you to the best fertility treatment that can help you get pregnant and have your own baby.

Know about the various best fertility treatments appropriate for you based on your fertility issues and get treatment with advanced technology and the team of expert fertility doctors and skilled staff at Pahlajanis’ Women’s Hospital & IVF Centre.

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