Painless Normal Delivery

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Painless, normal delivery! Sounds strange and impossible, right? But it is possible, and it is actually effective.

Pregnancy and motherhood are unimaginable life experiences, but they also come with an unimaginable amount of pain for the mother during labor.

Getting scared by the thought of this excruciating experience is quite normal, but for some women, it can be a little frightening. But there’s nothing to worry about because, thanks to medical advancement, normal delivery without pain is possible, is very efficient, and is being chosen by many people around the world nowadays.

What is Painless Normal Delivery?

Painless normal delivery, also known as “Epidural Analgesia,” is an advanced technique of labour where a type of anaesthesia (epidural) is used for labour that gives relief from pain to a very minimal amount or even close to no pain in some people. In this technique, a very specific concentration of drug is injected very carefully at a specific area in your spine.

Why is a painless normal delivery performed?

 The main goal of a painless normal delivery is to significantly reduce the pain of contractions that are caused at the time of labour to a minimum or acceptable level.

Painless normal delivery or epidural analgesia also aids in the elimination of all pain during the delivery of your baby.

How is Painless Normal Delivery carried out?

 The technique for a painless normal delivery might sound simple, but it requires total precision. In this procedure, a needle and a very thin tube (an epidural catheter) are injected in the lower back, through which an epidural analgesic is released around the spinal cord to ease the pain for the mother during childbirth.

Benefits of Painless Normal Delivery

There are a lot of advantages that will help you understand why a painless normal delivery or epidural analgesia is a great choice for you: –

– It is very safe and quite effective, with extremely good results;

– It greatly reduces the risk of postpartum complications by keeping pain to a minimum. It also enables mothers to give birth gently and with complete focus, which promotes relaxation and minimizes the exhaustion that is common during labour;

Epidural analgesia helps relax pelvic and vaginal muscles during labor;

– During labour, the blood pressure of the mother can rise to a dangerous level, and epidural analgesia helps lower the blood pressure;

– It aids in long-term labour by allowing the mother to sleep and regain strength;

– Because age influences how much pain a person can tolerate, epidural analgesia is the most comfortable and best option for women over the age of 30, allowing them to have a pain-free normal delivery;

Who can opt for Painless Normal Delivery:

Although painless normal delivery seems like a feasible and effective option for childbirth, it has its own set of criteria that the woman should consider before choosing painless normal delivery, and not everyone can opt for painless normal delivery.

Who should avoid choosing a painless normal delivery?

– Women who suffer from a bleeding disorder,

– If a woman had lower back surgery,

– If a woman has certain medical conditions

– If a woman has a neurological disorder

Overall, painless normal delivery is a very healthy, safe, and effective childbirth option without you screaming in pain and getting scared by the thought of handling the tremendous pain that occurs during normal delivery.

For more information watch this YouTube video by High Risk Pregnancy Expert & Gynecologist Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani.


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