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You understand that unless you act, fate won’t do miracles. A chance or a path to achieving your goals may occasionally be in front of you, but for some reason, you choose to ignore it. Achieving the dream of having children of your own is something we all strive for and hope to do at some point in our lives. However, for unforeseen reasons, some people are unable to conceive or become pregnant. Thanks to IVF’s high success rate, it is considered to be an absolute and highly successful method for enabling couples who are unable to conceive to have the child of their dreams.

IVF (in vitro fertilization), also formerly known as “Test Tube Baby,” is a type of fertilization where the entire procedure takes place in a high-tech lab outside of a female’s body.


In vitro fertilization or IVF, refers to the process of fertilizing a female’s eggs in a laboratory with a male’s sperm before transferring the fertilized embryo to the uterus at the start of the conception period. IVF is a trustworthy and effective procedure for helping couples who are having fertility issues or problems conceiving due to genetic conditions.Despite IVF’s high success rate, the success of IVF depends on several factors, including age, health issues, genetics, family history, etc.


In IVF, the sperm and eggs of the same couple who are opting for IVF can be used. In another case, if the male has a low sperm count, then the sperm of a known or unknown person can be used. The same goes for the female’s eggs. If her eggs are not capable of being fertile, then the eggs of a known or unknown person can be used. In another case, if both the sperm and eggs are capable of being fertile but the female’s uterus is not able to conceive, then the couple can opt for their fertilized embryo to be transferred to a healthy uterus (surrogacy).


IVF Treatment is done to  assist couples with fertility issues and who are unable to conceive even after trying for years and done with other fertility treatments but failed to conceive or have genetic conditions. IVF can also be used as a potential treatment of fertility if you and your partner have:

– ovulation disorders

– damage to the fallopian tube or blockage

– endometriosis

– uterine fibroids

– inadequate sperm production or function

– unexplained infertility

– genetic disorder

– fertility prevention as a result of cancer or its treatment

– physically not capable (such as being overweight or underweight)


Even though IVF has a high success rate, it is not the only or primary option for treating fertility and helping couples conceive. We at Pahlajanis’ IVF Centre advise our patients to try other fertility treatments before pursuing IVF treatment because it is expensive, time-consuming, and invasive. We offer a variety of fertility treatments such as IUI, ICSI, etc. to give our patients the joy of parenthood. With the top gynaecologists in all of central India, cutting-edge technology, attentive personnel, and caring management, we offer comfort that feels like home.

For IVF treatment or for further assistance regarding fertility treatments, you can simply visit Pahlajanis’ IVF Centre, Raipur.

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