Top 5 Tips For Expecting Mums

Congratulations on your new journey as a mum-to-be!

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey filled with all emotions under the sun. But before you start learning how to take care of your new-born, take care of yourself first. Because you’re now eating for two, moving for two, maybe even dreaming for two.

Internet, pregnancy books, and family members have a lot of information on how to take care of yourself and the unborn baby. Amidst all those information, how to know what is best for you and the baby within?

Luckily, the experts at Pahlajani Hospital have put together a list of top 10 essential things, an expecting mum needs to know. Here is the list –

(1) Maintain a healthy diet : 

‘You eat for two’. Having said that, we would like to mention eating healthy is a must for you two during pregnancy. Yes, we are aware of pregnancy cravings, and we believe, it is okay to occasionally give in to your cravings during this period. Gynecologists’ from the best maternity hospitals suggest, that 300 calories/day are enough for you and your baby. Also make sure you consume enough protein, calcium, and add fruits and veggies to your diet as they provide vitamins, minerals, and fibre, that help digestion and can help prevent constipation. Adding ‘prenatal – vitamins’ to your diet is also a must.

(2) Physical exercise for strength :

Your body needs pampering during this period. Also, physical exercise is equally important. On an average, an expecting mum should make a list of activities she likes to perform like – Yoga, walking, or moderate aerobics with proper mentoring. Experts suggest that you should stop exercising immediately if you feel dizzy, tired, or short of breath. Talk to your health care professional before you begin. Connect with the best gynaecologists in Raipur only at Pahlajani Hospital for further assistance at any time.

(3) Sleep Well : 

If you find yourself awake all night, you’re not the only one. Many studies show that more than 50% women are insomniac during their pregnancy. Changing hormones, physical discomfort, and many other reasons give rise to insomnia during the first trimester.

But getting enough sleep is vital for prenatal growth and the mother’s body too. A mother’s body needs rest to get energy to take care of a new life within. Gynecologists’ recommend pregnant women to sleep on their left and knees bend a little. Lying on the left side not only puts less pressure on the womb but also increases blood flow to the placenta. Opting for a pregnancy pillow can also help provide comfort while sleeping.

(4) Eliminate the Toxin : 

By toxin, we mean alcohol, cigarettes, and non-prescription drugs. Records show that excess caffeine is linked to a higher instance of miscarriage, and consuming non-prescription drugs acts as toxin, and can lead to birth defects or behavioral problems. Also, alcohol can badly affect your baby’s spinal and brain development. Get a diet chart from the experts at Raipur’s best maternity hospital that can help you in many ways.

(5) Know when to call the doctor : 

Pregnancy can be tricky at times. False labour pains, frequent urination, etc. can confuse most of the moms. You should know some alarming symptoms and when to call your doc. Remember – If you have any of the following symptoms, doctors at Pahlajani Hospital recommend contacting your gynae right away:

  • Vaginal bleeding or fluid discharge
  • Contractions that are 20 minutes apart or less
  • Any kind of pain in the stomach/womb
  • Strong cramps
  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Decreased movements/activities of the baby

Last but not the least, find the right practitioner.

Dr. Neeraj Pahlajani, one of the best gynaecologists in Raipur, and her team at Pahlajani Hospital are dedicated to providing expert care for women during every stage of their lives — be it adolescence, childbirth, menopause, or beyond. Contact now.

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