Common Infertility Myths And The Facts Behind Them

pahlajanis common infertility myths and the facts

Infertility is still a taboo for many and is not discussed openly. According to WHO, >45 million couples across the globe have infertility issues. For couples who are keeping a ‘child-wish’ for long, this issue becomes a mystery. And along with this mystery, comes lots of myths.

One of the myths is that ‘anybody can get pregnant’, derides people with infertility issues by forcing them to believe that they’re not trying enough. Check what experts at Pahlajani IVF, one of the best ivf centers in India have to say about many other myths related to infertility.

Using birth-control pills leads to infertility :

There is no such evidence to support this claim till now. Birth control pills don’t have any effect on fertility. Neither positive, nor negative.

Only a woman is responsible

No. Infertility is a defect related to both males’ and females’ reproductive systems.

According to the Office on Women’s Health, one-third of infertility cases can be attributed to female infertility while another one-third of cases are attributed to men. The remaining cases may be caused by a combination of male and female infertility, or they may have causes unknown.

People in their 20s don’t have to worry about infertility :

Experts at Pahlajani IVF state that age, of course, plays an important role, but just because someone is in their 20s, doesn’t mean the person might not have infertility problems. Countless medical conditions, lifestyle issues, like consuming alcohol, smoking, etc. that cause genetic mutations, hormonal imbalances, and other factors lead to infertility. Consult a specialist at the best IVF center in India at the earliest to resolve all doubts.

The success rate of costly in vitro fertilization (IVFs) is low :

The cost of IVFs, along with its emotional and physical toll, may leave you wondering whether IVF is worth a try. One of the best ivf centres in India, Pahlajani IVF shares good news that IVF is generally successful. This hospital also provides low-cost IVF treatments and has 60-70% success rate.

Perhaps God is hinting you that you aren’t meant to be parents! 

If this is what comes from some typical people around you, ignore. Infertility feels like a curse but isn’t one. When you are going through the emotional rollercoaster of handling infertility treatment, you must keep in mind that positivity helps in bringing success. The good news is just few steps away. Consulting an expert at the right time is vital.

Stress causes infertility. Relax, and you’ll get pregnant!

We wish, treating infertility was this easy. Infertility is a medical condition. One’s physical, reproductive health can’t be fixed by a refreshing vacation or a new and chilled mindset. Very high stress conditions can indeed cause problems with ovulation. However, for most couples, stress cannot be the prime cause of infertility.

Getting to the bottom of infertility myths is vital. Don’t let infertility myths deter your route to healthy and happy parenthood.  Contact Dr.Neeraj Pahlajani, and her team of experts at Pahlajani IVF,  a low-cost IVF treatment center for more assistance.

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