pahlajanis ivf journey

Congratulations!!! on your decision. Now that you are done with your decision to opt for IVF best days of your life lies ahead. Can you feel the happiness and joy? If not, please start to feel and realize it soon. Just imagine the good days that lies ahead, this will automatically prepare your body for the IVF treatment .Enough of stress, now it’s time to distress. Being happy and starting to live your life on a happier note is the biggest and effective stress buster. Although practicing techniques such as yoga, meditation or walk will definitely help you in limiting your stress. At this point of time, it is very important to get adequate sleep. Along with the management of stress, it is very important to maintain a healthy diet too. A healthy diet will allow your body feel good and proportionately resulting in your mind very relaxed.

A healthy diet which includes-

  • leafy vegetables
  • whole grains
  • healthy fats
  • complex carbohydrate
  • healthy food

You can also go through our brochure for your exact healthy diet in details. Now, that you have started eating right things, you are already on the way of living a healthy lifestyle and providing your body its proper nurture it requires. This is the time to get rid of your bad habits. Avoid smoking, limit the intake of alcohol, measure your caffeine consumption and avoid artificial sweetener and refined sugars.

Add to all of this a bit of exercise, who doesn’t want to be fit. Fitness does play an essential note in the proper functioning of your body and thus leading to the higher chance of making your IVF journey a success. Do heart -healthy exercise at least for 30 min daily, remember you need to do only light exercise, no heavy weight lifting training or exercises.

IVF is a journey and it is very important to enjoy every aspect of the journey. Preparing your body will boost your chances of reaching your goal of getting pregnant. With a bit of effort from you and us, fulfil your dream of becoming a parent.

At Pahlajanis IVF, Raipur and Bhilai special attention is provided by the dedicated team to make couples ready for their journey of IVF through almost all the necessities that are require to make an IVF cycle successful.  When your preparation is good you can be very optimistic about the outcome of your IVF cycle. Thus we at Pahlajanis IVF make sure the couples undergoing this journey becomes a memorable one for them and we always consider all couples visiting our center as part our family.


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