Pregnancy is a very beautiful and special phase of a woman’s life; every woman deserves a safe, healthy, and joyful pregnancy. Unfortunately, sometimes complications arise in the pregnancy that affect the health of the baby or the mother, or both, and that pregnancy is what the doctors call a "high-risk pregnancy." What makes this topic important for women to know is the criticality of the factors that increase the risk of high-risk pregnancy.

What is "high-risk pregnancy"?

Simply put, a high-risk pregnancy is one in which there is a slight possibility of health issues and complications for the mother, the baby, or both. To help ensure that both the mother and the baby remain healthy and safe and that the delivery goes smoothly and without any complications, high-risk pregnancies typically require extra love, care, and skilled medical management.

What factors leads to High-Risk Pregnancy?

There are several factors that lead to a high-risk pregnancy; sometimes the factor could be a minor thing that you might not think is a big deal, but the reality is that it can affect your healthy pregnancy and make it risky. Some factors can be:

- Some preexisting medical conditions (high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, thyroid disorder, etc.)

- Health conditions that are caused by pregnancy that make complications

- Some lifestyle factors (such as drinking excessive alcohol, smoking cigarettes, using tobacco, or consuming any other illegal substances)

- Advanced maternal age (pregnancy risk increases as you age)

- Multiple pregnancies or a history of failed pregnancies

How does Pahlajanis' Women’s Hospital help you manage a high-risk pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a big deal, and if it gets risky by any unfortunate means, then the stress on the mother and her family is normal. We at Pahlajanis’ understand that very well, and that’s why, with the help of skilled doctors who specialise in handling high-risk pregnancies, we ensure that you have a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. Even if there’s a high-risk pregnancy, we handle that with ease too, while keeping the health of both the mother and the baby in mind.

How we handle high-risk pregnancies and why people choose us

 - All high-risk pregnancy patients are screened thoroughly, which helps us evaluate their current health conditions.

- We provide frequent antenatal visits to regularly check the health of both the baby and the mother.

- If you live far away and can’t attend frequent visits, we provide you with online consultation too.

- If any health complications arise, our team of skilled doctors and high-risk pregnancy specialists will inform you and explain their signs and symptoms to you and your family.

- Our doctors also ask patients with high-risk pregnancies to monitor their health at home, like their blood sugar level, blood pressure, etc.

- Our doctors stay in constant touch with the patient so that they won’t feel nervous or scared throughout their pregnancy and even after delivery.

- Timely intervention is given.

- The mode of delivery is decided according to the patient's current health condition.

- Proper paediatric observation is done, and further paediatric consultation is provided after the delivery.

- Post-delivery follow-up and further assistance are provided to keep the mother’s and the baby’s health in check.

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