Neonatal care is the critical and life-saving care that premature babies (those born before 37 weeks or with low birth weight) or babies with some illness necessarily require. We offer an holistic neo natal care (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Pahlajanis' Women's Hospital and IVF Center to provide preterm or premature babies with the special care and treatment they require to be safe and healthy.

Neonatal care starts the moment the baby is born and lasts for roughly the first month of life. It is important to note that not all babies require neonatal care; some babies who are born prematurely, preterm, or with some health complications (respiratory distress, infant apnea, hypoglycemia, IDM, neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, etc.) only require neonatal care.

Neonatal Care at Pahlajanis’

Our first and foremost priority is the health of both the baby and the mother, which is why we have a state-of-the-art NICU, a dedicated neonatalogist who is available 24 hours a day for the care of your baby, and a team of experienced specialized neonatal nurses who take care of your baby and ensure that your little one is in good hands.

Our NICU consists of cutting-edge technology that consists of advanced incubators and monitoring facilities that make sure that your baby is being monitored every second and getting all the care and love. With all the extensive safety measures, we make sure that your baby receives nothing but the best to get healthy super soon.