Breastfeeding support is a vital and necessary process for many women as they reach motherhood, and for those who are becoming moms for the first time, breastfeeding support can play a significant part in their lives because they don’t know a lot about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding may be simple and easy for some women, but not for others; they may require additional care and assistance. That’s when breastfeeding support comes in handy.

Most new mothers aren’t very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, including how to get ready for it, how to latch, how to achieve a good latch etc.(Latching on is how your baby attaches to your breast to feed)Breastfeeding support assists them in resolving breastfeeding questions.

Pahlajani’s Women’s Hospital & IVF Center assists new mothers by providing breastfeeding support so that they can comfortably and easily breastfeed their children.

The majority of new mothers experience several breastfeeding issues, such as the baby not latching or attaching, sore nipples, breast engorgement, etc. How an expert gives you breastfeeding support, considering your problems:

If even after 24 hours, your baby is still not latching and you’re not in the birthing unit anymore, feel free to consult your doctor about lactation, in which a midwife or doctor will check whether the latch is comfortable or not; they’ll recheck the baby’s latch and further assist you in getting a good latch.

Breast engorgement is a condition in which, when the milk comes in, your breasts become uncomfortably overfull and hard. Breast engorgement is very common in the first few weeks after delivery because there is extra blood and tissue fluid in the breasts as well as an increase in milk supply. Other possible reasons behind engorged breasts include:

– when a baby breastfeeds longer than usual between feeds;

– due to a poor latch, a baby isn’t draining the breasts properly;

– tight clothing that presses on the lactating breast can also cause breast engorgement.

Your doctor will investigate the cause of your breast engorgement and will advise you on how to handle it.

Sore nipples are the most common cause of discomfort in mothers while breastfeeding. There are many reasons behind it, such as:

– positioning and attachment of the baby to the breast;

– mother’s anatomy (such as nipple shape, size, and large breasts);

– baby’s anatomy (such as small mouth, small chin)

– baby’s tongue function (such as pinching to control fast flow, poor attachment, nipple confusion, tongue tie)

These are just a few of the causes of sore nipples; your doctor will tell you about many other possible causes after a thorough examination.

As breastfeeding is a necessary and important part of the baby’s nutrition, we at Pahlajani’s Women’s Hospital & IVF Center offer our breastfeeding support to make sure that mothers feel comfortable and at ease while breastfeeding their babies with the help of the best doctors and staff.