Difference Between IUI & IVF Treatment

Infertility is an issue that can cause some serious mental and emotional strain in a healthy relationship between both partners. A few years back, it was considered a curse because there was no technology present at that time to treat infertility. But, thankfully, because of science, technology, and the best gynecologists, we now have the best in class and most advanced treatment options to assist partners in achieving the joy of parenthood.

We at Pahlajanis’ IVF Centre, Raipur, adapt the modern scientific approach with utmost care and love to treat the sensitive issue of infertility with a team of top gynaecologists and infertility services from across India.

We know about IVF, also known as “Test Tube Baby,” but not many people know about IUI treatment. We have to understand that these are very different approaches and treatments for infertility, which depends on the patient’s diagnosis.


If you are unable to conceive naturally for more than a year, then your doctor will go with the primary option of IUI. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), also known as artificial insemination, is a simple procedure that is performed in a way that it can be done without any complexities.

The sperm, collected and processed in the lab, gets concentrated by washing off the seminal fluid, and then the concentrated sperm goes into the uterine cavity in such a way that it bypasses the cervix region (by placing the sperm high in the uterine cavity). This makes the journey through the fallopian tubes shorter, increasing the chances of sperm meeting more eggs. This procedure is done through an IUI cannula.


If after opting for IUI treatment, there’s still no progress, then your fertility expert will recommend IVF treatment.

IVF (in vitro fertilization), also known as“Test Tube Baby,”is a well-known fertility treatment due to its high success rate and effectiveness.It is done totally outside of the female’s body and processed and performed completely in a lab.

 This procedure is done by combining a male’s sperm and a female’s eggs outside of the female’s body in a lab. The female is then given fertility medication to stimulate her ovaries to aid in successful egg retrieval. Afterward, egg retrieval is performed and insemination is performed on the very same day.

Then, after fertilization takes place, to determine when the embryo should be transferred to the uterus, the embryo are closely and carefully monitored.


The basic difference between IUI and IVF treatment is that the IUI treatment takes place inside the female’s body and the IVF treatment takes place completely outside the female’s body. The IVF success rate is much higher than the IUI treatment. But the conditions of opting for either of the treatments completely depend on the diagnosis of the patient.

While the IUI takes place internally, the IVF treatment takes place externally, in which the sperm and the eggs are fertilized outside of the female’s body, and then the fertilized eggs are carefully placed in the female’s uterus, which results in a successful pregnancy.

It is also an important point to remember that IUI treatment is the primary option that fertility experts prefer because of its being cost-efficient and less invasive as compared to IVF treatment. But again, the IVF treatment has a higher success rate than the IUI treatment. But your fertility expert will recommend you try a few rounds of IUI if you are suitable for it, before moving forward with the IVF treatment.


Our patients who have had the joy of parenthood through both IUI and IVF treatment regard us as the best fertility clinic and IVF center.

We believe in trust, ethics, and transparency. That’s why we always choose and recommend what’s best for you and your family. That’s why, after diagnosing, we share all the details with you and your family, no matter how minor they seem, so that you can be very clear and very sure about what you’re getting into. Our doctors and staff make sure that you feel loved, cared for, and at home at every step of your journey toward being a “mother”.

We are so proud of having the highest IVF success rate across India. To get more information regarding IVF and IUI treatments and to join hands with us on your journey to being a mom, you can simply visit Pahlajanis’ IVF Centre, Raipur.

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